WiseService Partner
As a WiseService Partner we bring our high concerned customer service mentality to the LSP Industry, our philosophy is quite simple the customers cares, so we Care for our Customers, and this simple strategy keeps the customers happy and coming back for more support thru our collective experiences. We have been able to inject this methodology and philosophy as a complement to the regulations of being a servicing LSP to CargoWise. By becoming the first Latin American WiseService Partner we envision a better and brighter future for our region.
Our consultant's specialize in:
- ediEnterprise Configuration
- ediEnterprise Implementation
- Freight Management
- Pricing Management
- Warehouse Management
- Accounting
- Business Process and Analysis
- Staff and group security
- Documents Customization
- Reporting
Our consultants are certified for the following ediEnterprise modules:
- Core – Organizations and General Functions
- Spot Quote/Quick Bookings
- Forwarder
- Workflow Manager
- Warehouse – Basic Transactions
- Sales & Marketing
- Accounts Basic
- DocBuilder Basic
- WebTracker
- Local Transport
- Transport Bookings
- Order Manager
- Shipping Manager
- CFS/CTO Manager
- Customs Basic
DPS Logistics is a certified WiseService Partner for WiseTech Global Products and Services. WiseTech Global is an international technology development company dedicated to delivering innovative, market-specific software solutions. WiseTech Global’s key brands include CargoWise, a global leader in logistics technology solutions. TransLogix, a leading supplier of transport and logistics technology solutions for Australia and New Zealand; and eHealthWise, a provider of electronic data services for healthcare industry. For more information visit www.wisetechglobal.com and the official site of Cargowise.
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