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CargoWise’s ediEnterprise is a complete Logistics ERP Solution, is one of the top software available in the market, DPS Logistics, is thrilled to bring this highly effective and efficient tools to all those who seeking for premium products, it’s a global communication tool and yet adjustable to all company sizes, it is specially great for those customers who know that the future of their business will continue to look very bright and prosperous if they start looking at it from a global perspective.

Certified Partner
DPS Logistics is an authorised WiseBusiness Partner for WiseTech Global Products and Services. WiseTech Global is an international technology development company dedicated to delivering innovative, market-specific software solutions.

CargoWise, a key product brand of WiseTech Global delivers an innovative, single platform solution for Logistics Service Providers to improve visibility, efficiency, quality of service and profitability. With clients holding more than 100,000 licenses across a customer community of 5,000 sites in 105 countries, CargoWise solutions are an integral part of the global supply chain.

CargoWise’s ediEnterprise is a highly modular enterprise-class set of supply chain solutions designed to automate and streamline the operations and management of international logistics service providers such as freight forwarders, NVOCCs, customs brokers, depots, container terminals, warehouses, trucking companies and ships agencies. For more information visit www.wisetechglobal.com and the official website of Cargowise.
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